Eryc Kelly - Producer

The Project manager/Producer/Core concept guy he does a lot of the behind the scenes work like making this website. Eryc is the lead AI programmer for Mysspelled Studios in addition to being the producer. He is responsible for giving everything in the game a brain. Making everything believable and fair.


Olivia trojak - ENVIRONMENTAL artist

Environmental artist, her focus is setting up the bigger scenes in the game that focuses around the buildings. She has been to two different schools that have educated her in modeling and animation. The most current of those two schools is Wake Tech Community College where she is in the SGD artist program.

Alexander Finegan - Animation and Rigging

Alex does all of the animation and rigging at Mysspelled studios, if it moves like a real living thing he did it. His skill in this field is superb creating amazingly accurate and clean animations. Alex also plays a role in character creation alongside Alaina Forest.


Alaina Forest - 3d-CHARACTER modeler

Alaina Forest is the Mysspelled Studios Character artist. She is responsible for all of the 3-d Character models that will be used in all of our games. Currently she is a student at Wake Tech Community College and is About to finish up her degree in Simulation and game

development with a focus on art.


daniel adams - Lead Programmer

My name is Daniel Adams and I am a very passionate gamer and can't wait to start my career in the game dev industry. I am the lead programmer as well as main asset integrator on this project. I build functionality for the gameplay and the user interface. I love programming because it is such powerful tool with many uses. Using Unity 3D is a challenging but rewarding adventure. I am familiar with several languages (C++, C#, Obj-C, and GML) but I am most comfortable with C++ and C#.


Branden Flood - Level Designer

Branden Flood is the man that puts all of the level together at Mysspelled Studios. He is responsible for what the player sees and interacts with. It is his job to construct believable and cohesive worlds within our games. Before getting into game design Branden went to school to become and engineer having to take many drafting and design classes has made him all the more attuned to the task. Find more of Brandens work here.